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Austin Moody & Jennifer Wayne
"Forever Love"


Introducing a live performance of "Forever Now” by country music artists Austin Moody and Jennifer Wayne - part of The Masters Music Series, presented by Duke Spirits.

Both Austin Moody and Jennifer Wayne have been making waves in the country music scene over the past few years.

With solo releases from Austin and releases from Wayne’s country music band, Runaway June, husband and wife Austin and Jennifer came together for a romantic ode, capturing all that’s to love about a classic country love song.




Grammy winner, and 2019 inductee into the Nashville Songwriter’s Hall of Fame, Marcus Hummon has enjoyed a successful career as a songwriter, recording artist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, playwright and author. His songs have been recorded in many genres-Pop,R&B, gospel — and most notably in country music, where he has written some of the genre’s most iconic songs.

Singer-songwriter Levi Hummon spent his early 20s practicing his art, but his immersion into country music started much, much earlier. From the day he was born, his father Marcus Hummon, (one of Nashville’s most prolific GRAMMY-winning songwriters [The Dixie Chicks, TimMcGraw, Rascal Flatts]) immersed Levi in the music scene, and It didn't take long to realize the apple didn't fall far from the tree.


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The Masters Music Series

Executive Producer & Duke Spirits Founder, Chris Radomski, and, Producer, Austin Moody, envisioned a sound that embodies the soul and pride of America, the same great American spirit personified by the legendary Duke, John Wayne.

“My goal for The Masters Series was to create a sound which “The Duke” himself would approve. As a man who valued quality and character, we had to make sure this sounded like we were making a record," explains Austin Moody, Producer, Writer, Artist, "To back each artist, I hand-picked musicians who have a “thing”, something that no-one can truly recreate, but those players themselves. It’s not only the playing you have to think about, it’s the attitude – it's the grit.”

"We hope The Masters Series will showcase great performances and will provide a platform to support emerging artists.” — Chris Radomski, Executive Producer & Founder of Duke Spirits


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