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Together, Duke Spirits and iconic country music trio Runaway June turn moments #MadeFromCharacter into memories to last forever. For years, the two have toured together, celebrating each stop with a toast of our spirits for good measure. 

This year, Duke Spirits is hitting the road with Runaway June once again as they take on their 2021 tour across the U.S. Follow along to see what life on tour is like behind the scenes as we set off with Naomi Cooke, Natalie Stovall and John Wayne’s very own granddaughter Jennifer Wayne.

oct 10

Wheatland, CA

Oct 14

Irvine, CA

Oct 15

Fresno, CA

Oct 16

San Bernardino, CA

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runaway june

There’s a sound that’s been missing from country music for quite some time – the sound of organic, three-part female harmonies, ringing strings and stories that speak the language of modern women everywhere. It’s a sound that’s been the backbone of groups like The Dixie Chicks, and it’s making a comeback with all-American vocal trio Runaway June.Runaway June brings a rootsy, bright, traditional Bluegrass sound with a blend of a dusty desert cool from a fusion of three women with their own unique influences to create a style country fans crave.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Naomi Cooke of Florida found her start when she made her way to a Nashville stage in world-famous Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge. She is joined by vocalist and fidlest Natalie Stovall of Tennessee and vocalist and guitarist Jennifer Wayne, a California native and granddaughter of the legendary John Wayne.

But Runaway June goes beyond what it brings to country music. Its members each possess unique pallets and love to explore different pairings of wine and spirits. As ardent aficionados, they contribute to Duke Spirits’ mixology and culinary programs as they interact with top mixologists, sommeliers and chefs on location as well as in our Miami-based culinary center.

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