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Celebrate The Holiday Season with a Classic Bourbon Cocktail – THE GUNSMOKE

The holiday season is the perfect time of year to wow friends and family with a spectacular bourbon cocktail, inspired by John Wayne himself. The Gunsmoke, is pure perfection.

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Newport Beach Independent
Duke Spirits Launches Grand Cru Tequila to Benefit John Wayne Cancer Foundation in Newport Beach

John Wayne loved his spirits, especially whiskey and tequila. In fact, his passion for bourbon and tequila traces back to his son Ethan’s discovery of The Duke’s lost memoirs, liquor collection and special blends sealed since 1979.

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Us Weekly
Runaway June’s Country Concert With Duke Spirits Raises More Than $50,000 for the John Wayne Cancer Foundation

For one night only, the Wild West went to the West Coast! Country music group Runaway June sang their hearts out on Thursday, October 7, in support of John Wayne Cancer Foundation’s fight against cancer. The sold-out show at the New Port Theater in Newport Beach, California, also celebrated the debut of Duke Commemorative Tequila, inspired by legendary film icon John Wayne.

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Us Weekly
John Wayne’s Legacy Lives on With Duke Spirits Bourbon

Go back in time with … bourbon? John Wayne was not only known for being an American icon, actor and adventurer but also had an extreme passion for spirits. Duke Spirits crafted their Kentucky bourbon using handwritten notes from the True Grit star. After his death, a reserve of bottles dating back to 1962 was unearthed along with recipes containing his favorite blends. Now, you can drink like the Duke, too.

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5 World-Class All-American Whiskeys to Stock Up On

John Wayne fans unite. The Duke lives—in spirit (and I mean that literally). John’s son, Ethan Wayne, decided to honor his father’s love for bourbon and tequila by creating the flavor profiles his late father was trying to go for, based on the legendary actor’s notes and recipes. And before you dismiss this as yet another celebrity spirit, taste the damn liquid first—because it’s nothing to be ignored.

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Buy My Own Drinks! Runaway June Enjoys Duke Spirits in Honor of Jennifer's Grandfather John Wayne

When country trio Runaway June buys their own drinks, it’s usually bourbon. The group features Jennifer Wayne, who is the granddaughter of actor John Wayne, along with Naomi Cooke and Hannah Mulholland. The ladies are able to honor Jennifer’s grandfather with Duke Spirits, a bourbon that was crafted from the True Grit star’s handwritten recipe notes. The country crooners just released “Blue Roses” and are currently accompanying Carrie Underwood on tour, so it’s safe to say they deserve a drink.

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Duke Spirits have been recognized across the media for the many unique flavors that unfold upon one’s every sip.

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