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Duke Spirits is recognized for its original flavor profile that is rooted in its purity, strength and balance. Sourced straight from The Duke’s archives, we don’t settle for anything but spirits he, himself, would sip.

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Timeless over trend

Duke Timeless Spirits is inspired by legendary American icon, craftsman and actor John Wayne, or “The Duke”.

His devotion to his craft, friends, family and country brought him respect and admiration across the globe – earning him a congressional gold medal, an airport named after him, a feature on two postage stamps and an induction into the California Hall of Fame in 2007.

The Duke’s passion for bourbon and tequila traces back to his son Ethan’s discovery of his lost memoirs, liquor collection and special blends sealed since 1979. It was then when his project was reborn – with the knowledge of world class vintners, master distillers, years of research and the journey to find the finest aged bourbon to match the original flavor profiles and balance in the bottles he left behind, Duke Timeless Spirits came to life.

In an effort to echo the times when the craft was so exacting and pure, Duke Timeless Spirits created the ultimate expression and flavor with the Duke Grand Cru Bourbon and Rye Reserves at a historic distillery just as unique as the Duke himself – O.Z. Tyler Distillery in Owensboro, KY.

Founded in 1885, The O.Z. Tyler Distillery sits on 26 acres on the banks of the Ohio River and holds the 11th license in Kentucky to operate a distillery. Its blend of modern technology and old school technique allows for our bourbon and ryes to age in the finest French Oak wine barrels from 1932 – allowing for the perfect execution of the production process under the watchful eye of the Duke Spirits founders, Chris Radomski and Ethan Wayne, and Master Distiller Jacob Call.

The Duke set the standard for craftsmanship, devotion and loyalty. He was an innovator yet still adhered to traditions – hallmarks we always honor at Duke Spirits. Now sit back, relax and share a drink with The Duke.


But I must say, the bourbon surprised me and surpassed expectations. First: Its very sweet on the nose and palate, with an easy swallow…no burn—just a tad of spice… All of it lingers: the spice, the cherry notes, the faint citrus.”


Honestly, I thought this whiskey wouldn’t taste as good as it did because it felt like a cliche but this is a bottle I would want to have in my house for guest. The craftsmanship of the whiskey is on point and the passion for it can be felt in every glass."


John was known for saying that, if he had to drink, “it had to be a good one,” and Chris divulged that Duke Spirits was determined to deliver something of that standard."

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