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Brian Elmquist

It Began with The Lone Bellow

Born on the red dirt roads of middle Georgia, Brian Elmquist was raised on classic country stars like Willie Nelson, Keith Whitley and Garth Brooks as the soundtrack to his youth. After a small stint in Nashville he moved to Brooklyn New York and started indie folk band The Lone Bellow with his close friends. They have enjoyed critical acclaim and played shows to fans all around the world.  

He moved back to Nashville in 2016 and has been writing and producing when he’s not on the road with The Lone Bellow.  On his forthcoming self produced record Magnolia Rain, Elmquist was able to flex his red dirt classic country muscle. What started as a couple friends in an East Nashville studio turned into a three week long potluck.  Magnolia Rain is a reflection of community and friendship in his small little corner of Nashville.


Elmquist’s father originally wanted to buy him a guitar for Christmas, but he initially had no interest in playing the instrument. It was later seeing Slash perform in a music video that inspired Elmquist to take up guitar, and he restrung an old dusty acoustic he found in the attic of his childhood home to learn on.

“If there's a secret to the warm, wide-open sound of The Lone Bellow, it lies in absolute sincerity and commitment: As playful as their live shows can be, Zach Williams, Kanene Donehey Pipkin and Brian Elmquist perform with openhearted, vein-bursting conviction. All three of the band's albums — including the new Walk Into A Storm — ably capture the group's earnest, agreeable charm, dispensed via songs that amble and soar.” -NPR Music


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