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Levi Hummon

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree

Singer-songwriter Levi Hummon spent his early 20s practicing his art, but his immersion into country music started much, much earlier. From the day he was born, his father Marcus Hummon, (one of Nashville’s most prolific GRAMMY-winning songwriters [The Dixie Chicks, TimMcGraw, Rascal Flatts]) immersed Levi in the music scene, and It didn't take long to realize the apple didn't fall far from the tree.

At 24, Levi began releasing music of his own. Clean cut and compelling, he told stories of love and loss while building a loyal fanbase that has grown with him through every bend and break. As a Nashville native who was inspired by the legacies around him and had an undeniable gift of songwriting, it was no surprise that 5 years, 30 released songs, and 100 million streams later as an independent artist, Levi had created a name for himself.

In 2021, his viral Walker Hayes collaboration sensation “Paying for It” cemented Levi’s status asa rising country star. This sparked a new sense of confidence both on stage and in writing rooms that allowed him to discover the magnitude of his potential as an artist, and a new authentic version of Levi emerged. His follow-up tunes, “Bottled Up,” “For Me,” “Good Riddance,” and “Drink On” are the product of just that.

Writing His Own Song

Hummon says, “taking risks, finding my own voice, and showing the scars and roughness around the edges allowed me to portray the most honest version of myself”.

Coming off of his first headlining tour in the Fall of ‘21, Levi found himself to be in high demand in the spring and summer of 2022. Warming up the stage for acts like Hardy, Jordan Davis, BrettEldridge, Brett Young, and Dylan Scott, he was able to experience in person the effects of this momentum and the reward for being unapologetically himself. While listeners across genres are creating the demand now more than ever for both a 90’s country comeback and an early 2000’s alternative rock revival, Levi’s new music has established a unique lane paved by both the influence of bands like Maroon 5, Weezer, and The Clash, and the Nashville community of songwriters he grew up with in his own backyard.

As a country artist with now over 160 million streams, pulling from his skateboarding past, counter culture nostalgia and surfer aesthetic, Levi Hummon is paving the way for something big that hasn't been seen before. While hellbent on carrying on the family legacy, Levi Hummon is very much here to write his own story. Named one of Entertainment Weekly’s “5 Artists Breaking Now” and Rolling StoneCountry’s “One to Watch”, it looks like his biggest chapter yet is right around the corner.


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